Mailing List Traffic

I must have learned something, or I'm getting too old to keep up. I'm dropping subscriptions to a couple mailing lists which I've found myself more and more just deleting and not reading. These include SANE and JBoss mailing lists.

I was on SANE when support for my CanoScan N670U was just being integrated -- that works fine now, so no need to follow news there. JBoss has been working pretty nicely for me, and anytime I have troubles, I end up searching the forums anyway. This will leave some mental bandwidth for things I'm more actively learning, like linux-kernel, jakarta-struts, xdoclet, and Debian.

I also dropped DCRaves, since that one's pretty noisy as well, and it's been a long time since I saw any good info for events I'd go to in my immediate area.

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