Market Pro Computer Show

I went to the Market Pro show today to look around and pick up a network switch. It was the big "super sale" in Harrisburg which actually went Saturday 9-9 and Sunday 9-5. I thought to myself, "This must be a great show -- It's huge!" It wasn't. It was mostly crap. The actual area with computer vendors was about half what it was back in the day, and the rest was of no interest -- clothes, jewelry, car audio, etc.

It was a terrible disappointment. On top of the $10 discounted admission for Claire, Paige, and I, we ended up paying $5 for parking. That's $15 right up front, and I didn't even have any hardware yet! I found exactly the same prices I would have online, but not near the selection. I ended up buying a mere 10/100 hub instead of a switch, because the day had started out costing me too much. It was a huge waste of time. I'm never going to bother going again. I can go to Cyber Warehouse, pay more, but still save time and money considering it all. Oh well, Market Pro's day has come and gone.

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