Me vs. Linux 2.6.10

I installed the 2.6.10 kernel a while back and had nothing but trouble. After a suspend to disk (swsusp) and resume, my ThinkPad R40's e100 network interface failed. I eventually got advice to try pci=routeirq, and that corrected that issue for me. It supposedly helps USB, as well, but I wasn't using that so much. Ultimately, a swsusp patch was figured out, and should fix it all, so I won't need the pci=routeirq option.

My IPW2100 wireless NIC also failed, but there's a patch for that as well.

All this talk of proper IRQ handling and such got me thinking about my mysterious lockup issue as well. Occassionally, after waking from swsusp, my notebook hard locks, and I have to punch the power button. I'm playing with the acpi=noirq option to see if that alleviates the problem. I'm hopeful that maybe these recent swsusp patches could fix it as well.

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