Multiple ResultSets in JDBC

I've never had the occasion to even expect to have more than one ResultSet returned by one execution of a Statement, but that's exactly what I got to do today. It seems that any query execute()ed from a sybase stored proc drops a ResultSet, so I need to iterate through them to get all the results, not just rows in a single ResultSet.

Here's a bit of example code to demonstrate navigating through the multiple ResultSets:

    CallableStatment cstmt =
        conn.prepareQuery("{ call my_proc() }");
    ResultSet rs = null;
    do {
        // don't process update counts, only resultsets
        if ((rs = cstmt.getResultSet()) != null) {
            while ( {
    } while (cstmt.getMoreResults()  // advance current rs
        || cstmt.getUpdateCount() != -1); // case of update count

For any more info, check your local javadocs.

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