My Own Little Web 2.0

I've had my little mobile weblog for a couple years, but its functionality is relatively limited, so I'm looking for more.

I've become a bit of a joiner recently, and I've joined a few services, including Groovr, Twitter, and most recently Flickr. I figure I have my normal weblog for longer-form articles and a repository for my more important thoughts, but I could use Twitter and Flickr for the micro stuff.

I don't want to be splattered all over the internet like some of people I know, so I need a way to pull this all back together into one place -- one stream. If I'm posting on Twitter and Flickr at about the same time, then it's likely the photos and text are related and should be presented together.

How do I integrate these? Or should I be looking at another service? Groovr wasn't quite it, but could be some day.

I'm also not sure how important the social aspect is to me. It's awfully amusing to watch certain people within these networks, but am I really contributing anything back to these networks? Probably not so much. I must have at least a bit of an exhibitionist thing, though, since I want to post this stuff at all.

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