NPR: Hand Washing Habits When Among Creepy People

NPR reported yesterday that some health organization conducted a study in airport restrooms across the United States. They found that only about 70% of men and 80% of women adequately wash their hands after using the public restroom.

They stationed researchers in restrooms who pretended to be grooming themselves as they observed. Every hour the person would switch to another bathroom, so they wouldn't seem conspicuous.

If some guy's been combing his hair from the time I enter the bathroom, do my thing, and go to wash my hands, I'd be leary of him, and probably move along in a more hurried manor, abbreviating the recommended 15 seconds of hot and soapy hand-scrubbing.

There were a host of other odd stories over the past couple days. When not informative, NPR does provide the bizarre. Just listen to all the sound clips they play of President Bush!

They also had a funny story on the upcoming political season [realaudio] and all the antics that are involved for a family in the printing business.

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