Next Blog Feature Todo List

I've implemented many of the neat little features that I wanted, and I've forgotten some (like a calendar). My links are dynamically data driven now (kept in entity beans) with a nice little administration screen. I have one final touch to add to allow myself to edit existing links (not just add or delete).

Here's my new list I'd like to get into next:

  1. XML parse/validate for articles and comments. This will help me ensure XHTML compliance when I finally get my base code compliant.
  2. Spell checking. I've heard of a Java package called Jazzy, but I think it may be GUI-based. The worst case is setting up a servlet or session bean that executes ispell
  3. A nice little Javascript trick to generate my Permalink name from the article Subject, so I don't have to do it myself, but I still get an opportunity to change it if I want.
  4. A link to automatically validate a new article on the site with w3c's validator.
  5. More versatile theming.
  6. Decent plugin architecture more on par with Blojsom.

I'm guessing that I could make this thing pretty useful if I grow it into the CMS space. Blojsom and Roller have the java blog space pretty locked up in my opinion. I'm not sure what I could do beyond what they already do, and if I really want an EJB backend, I could probably just code a nice fetcher backend to Blojsom and then code plugins for the rare feature I have here that Blojsom may not.

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