No Java ME Books at Borders

I've been programming a MIDlet for my phone, and I wanted to make sure I'm following some sort of design standard beyond just cobbling it together from the API docs, so I wandered out to my local Borders Book Store last night. I found no Java ME (J2ME) books anywhere. In fact, their computer section has been shrinking for a while.

I find this hard to believe when I've seen a few of these books coming up on publishers' new release lists. I also take Google's own Google Local Mobile MIDlet to be a sign that Java ME really is about to come of age.

Since I was mostly searching for an impulse buy, I'm not going to bother ordering anything online or running out to Ollie's Outlet to buy old bargain-bin books about MIDP 1.0 just yet. It looks like Sun and others have a pretty good set of Java ME articles which should get me to the next level nicely. The wireless blueprint program looks like it may be exactly what I need at this point.

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