Nokia E71

27 March 2009

Since my birthday on Saturday, I'm now the proud owner of a Nokia E71 smart phone. I had been poking around and reading specs of lots of devices, and this was definitely the forerunner. Along with a bit of research, I had started to prepare Claire for the sticker shock of leaving the subsidized carrier phone world to start buying unlocked, retail phones, and that it would probably happen this year. She apparently believed me, because she went out and bought it.

It's a serious geek phone with a qwerty keyboard and enough configurations to keep me playing and reading the manual for days. Fortunately, I like exploring devices, their manuals, and all the online tips.

I'm pleased to see it runs Java applications as seamlessly as S60 applications, and as I had hoped, I can assign my own applications to shortcuts and soft keys on the home screen.

My stupid phone tricks:

The shortcomings of this device:

As you've probably already seen, my FriendFeed is being filled up with Nokia and S60 bookmarks and comments, so that'll probably trickle over into the blog soon enough. I look forward to seeing what these devices and they're Symbian OS can do.

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