ObexFTP and Motorola V551

Claire's Motorola V551 is frustrating me terribly these days. I can browse and pull its files from my SE S710a, but obexftp on my Debian notebook just fails to connect to it. I can't push files to it either from the notebook. I can push files from the phone to the notebook though.

I think I had read on a mailing list somewhere that obexftp or openobex may be missing some headers in the bluetooth communication, and this is what causes some other Motorola phones so unhappy, but I can't find that information these days. There was rumor of a patch, but it's still not working with the latest version from Debian unstable (0.10.7+0.10.8pre9-1).

I'm positive this should work, and the fault probably lies with my Linux software, but I just want to see a fix. I can't believe no one else has ever tried this phone with Linux, but that's what Google would have me believe. It seems to be a super-slick phone otherwise.

Update (9 November 2005): I've found that plain old minicom talking to an rfcomm device doesn't work with this phone either. Maybe it's my Linux kernel bluetooth stack?

Update (10 November 2005): I've found that obexftp and even minicom (after a cat /dev/rfcomm2) work if it's the first time the devices are pairing. After that, the phone keeps disconnecting.

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