Open IM To The Opposition

Pssst! Did you hear? Homosexuals are marrying right now in San Francisco. The mayor is touting an equal protection law to justify it.

Does it hurt? Have you felt the repercussions in your paycheck, on your kid's educational television, or in the checkout lines in the supermarket? Have you begun questioning the quality of your relationships now that gays can share in marriage? Surely, they'll cause the whole state of California to slide off into the ocean, right?

NO! Now shut up, live your lives, and let others do the same.

I'm so pleased with recent news, but at the same time, it angers me incredibly that we've created a world where such things make headlines -- "Extra! Extra! People Win the Same Rights as the Other People!" It's hard to believe people will go to the trouble to hold another group down over differences that are so insignificant in daily life.

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