/usr/bin/perl Music

When I used to regularly frequent clubs and parties, I'd occasionally bring my notebook out and just chill in the corner coding. Via Slashdot, I saw this article about Hacking Perl in Nightclubs. It's not about people like me, but a musician using Perl scripts to sequence and perform music.

I've always been curious about this sort of thing. On more than one occassion, I've installed the latest free software offerings of trackers and music sequencers to see what I could do, but I've never gotten far. The tools seem to have come a long way. I've installed Supercollider and Ecasound as this article happens to mention, but when I get around to actually playing with them, I doubt I'll find my musical ability has progressed much beyond my 4 years playing a trumpet. I can appreciate music, but I don't understand all the complex structures, and the music that interests me most seems to have redefined all the rules.

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