Phone Outage

Our landline stopped working Thursday night during some storms/flooding, so I didn't think too much about it. That doesn't often happen, but it seemed believable enough. Friday morning, it was still not working, so I checked out it Saturday, and it was dead at the old box outside. I scheduled repair service through Verizon's website, which was pretty convenient -- it did a line test and all.

A Verizon tech came out Sunday (a day early, actually), found it was just my box that was the problem and hooked up a new one. This one sits just barely over the deck, instead of under it like the old one.

While I had it open, I connected up an extension line which only reaches the garage at the moment, and I tried to find where my main line comes into the house, since it's terribly worn and in need of replacement. I had no luck in that endeavor, so I'll have to pull up a few pieces of the deck at least once more when I get around to that.

Since the computer is on cablemodem, and we have cell phones, the phone outage was surprisingly not urgent. It's all fine now, though.

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