RSS Reading

I like to keep my links tree public, so people can see what I'm reading. I regularly click my way down through the list throughout the day, so it really does represent my online reading habits. More and more, though, I've been adding the slower sites into Liferea, so I can continue to watch these sites for their infrequent updates without taking up the time and space of having it in my link list I traverse regularly.

Now, for high-traffic sites, like LifeHacker and others, I'm thinking about moving those into my RSS reader as well to keep from missing things when they scroll off the page. I also like that Liferea gives me a chance to see everything inter-mixed in chronological order, instead of (again) having to click on each feed. That's where my phone RSS reader and Sage (Firefox extension) get sort of cumbersome.

I'm torn between convenience (of the RSS reader), portability (of having my list web-based), and disclosure (an up-to-date list for all to see).

I at the very least intend to keep the RSS reader going to help absorb more of the Java and Mobile news around the world. That was the impetus to look at using an RSS reader -- being able to add feeds freely without having to weigh adding a link to my list on this weblog.

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