RSSing up the Weblog

I was previously using an old RSS library from Churchill Objects (maybe gone now?). I had hacked it up a bit to make it produce more compliant feeds from this weblog.

I was originally planning to replace it with a template of my own done in JSP or something (similar to what I saw Blojsom do), but decided instead to give ROME a shot. It seems to be pretty widely used already, and it would provide me easy facilities to produce and consume other feed types. Integrating other feeds into the weblog is another near future goal of mine.

Porting was pretty simple, since ROME has a very familiar object model for a feed. ROME's now producing my old article feeds, plus I pretty quickly added a feed for latest comments. I hope to abstract this process further to allow me to add feeds for just about anything I want in the minimal time. ROME has the added benefit of seeming to be actively maintained. It's been a good experience so far, and I look forward to using it for loftier goals.

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