Search Engines

The adjustments I've made, like my robots page linked but hidden on the main page has paid off in the search engines. I'm no longer seeing my search engine referers turning up the list page, but instead specific articles, often by Permalink. This is good, because the information will always be there, and not rotated off the list like people were finding in previous months. Yay, I'm useful.

I highly recommend enabling referer logs for incoming links. It finds other people's blogs for you, and it shows you what searches are bringing people to your site. I love being able to click the search and see with what other pages I'm listed and my rank. Now I know my worth on the internet! :)

Another search engine optimization tip (in particular for Google) that I read was to make your page title meaningful. You'll note that my article titles are now displayed. I think that could have helped as well.

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