Snow Day

I shoveled my way out this morning -- got some exercise. Paige eventually came out to play in the new snow. We played a bit, and I dug a few paths for her and cleared a spot in the side of a snow pile. As soon as she saw the the little "snow house" she said, "I want to go in here."

I ended up even later for work, which was just fine with me. I turned a 2-hour delay into a 3.5-hour delay.

By the time I was leaving, our neighborhood looked pretty clear, but roads to get to the highways looked nearly unplowed, just tire-packed. Even the highway had more scary spots of snow than I had expected.

I saw a couple cars and trucks sitting along the road facing the wrong directions. Nearer to work, I got to appreciate the little wall between the eastbound and westbound lanes, as a minivan caught my eye spinning a full 90-degrees left and veering across the eastbound lanes to smash into the wall. Good wall. Traffic wasn't as lucky on the other side as they piled up into the driver's side of the van.

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