Speak English Good

Ack! I can barely bring myself to use that title! Anyway, here's a great link detailing Common Errors in English. There are so many curious little corrections, clarifications, and recommendations here. It should provide for at least an hour or two of not-so-wasted wasting of time.

I pride myself on my language skills, but I'm always curious to find proper documentation and details of the rules I use. One particular surprise was the demise of my "no ending sentences with prepositions" rule to a non-error. A link from there seems to strike a nice middle ground with which I can be comfortable. (or...can be comfortable with. *whimper* *breathe* *breathe*). I think I may just need to stick with it except in places where my the fake rule necessitates grammatical acrobatics ("This is the sort of English up with which I will not put.")

This has been the most grammar-conscious I've been in any of my articles, because I know everyone will start picking it apart now.

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