Struts 2 Is Gold!

A while back, I had strayed from a very fragmented Struts framework to explore WebWork instead. At that point, I wasn't all that sure anything useful would emerge from the mess of Struts chaining (1.3), actions (2.0), and Shale. Once I had started with WebWork, I didn't care what happened to Struts, but today I got news that Struts 2.0.6 has finally been released for general availability, and I'm really glad. Nearly a year of happily using WebWork makes the new Struts 2 look incredibly familiar and comfortable. I look forward to porting some applications to the new Struts, since this is where future development of the WebWork-style framework will proceed.

Way back when, I had experimented with integrating commons-chain with Struts 1.2 in preparation for Struts 1.3, but I never did get around to actually using 1.3. WebWork was much more compelling.

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