The Wrath of the ISP

18 August 2003

A big fear of mine is having my cable/dsl/dialup/whatever isp of choice at the moment start blocking ports and inhibiting my HOBBY activities. There is no business based on my Seamonkey page, my blog, or my wedding site. They're all just toys, so an expensive business account is quite inappropriate.

Well my suscom friends, like my Matthew and Fizz (whose webpages are at...oh wait, their traffic has been blocked!) have felt the wrath of their isp recently. As Fizz pointed out, one agreement says run your servers at your own risk and the other says its strictly forbidden. I guess the biggest risk is them pulling the shit right out from under them. Fizz seems to think he has alternatives, so I'm happy for him. I encourage everyone I know to call up Suscom and bitch about this denial of service, then switch to a friendlier service. We're just geeks here. We just want to stake our little plots on the internet and learn shit along the way. No, some crap web host on "properly sanctioned" connections does not afford us that opportunity.

And now I'd like to reiterate the commandments of broadband:

Rants like these are part of the reason I wanted a nice theraputic blog like this. Now let's hope port 80 stays open. I hate my dependency on others.

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