Timex Helix WRKS after 2 Years

I've had my Timex Helix WRKS watch for well over 2 years now. It's an interesting watch. I use it mostly for time, but my next most popular function is the altimeter.

I mostly watch the altimeter for drastic skews from what I know the altitude should be at work or home. I can derive the weather from the change. It's easier to remember 2 known altitudes and compare at a glance than to remember the previous barometer reading or to scroll back through the previously saved readings in the watch to establish a trend. I still calibrate the altimeter 1000 ft high to avoid it getting stuck in LO if the air pressure spikes.

I use the compass and the timer on occassion, and the alarm tells me when to leave for work in the morning.

I think I may have seen a low-battery indicator blink on for a moment, so I may need to soon replace that. Even with all the extra instrumentation, the battery's outlasted the first watch band.

In the end, though, the watch isn't as refined as it should be. It provides lots of data, but lacks a convenient interface to it. When the day comes to replace this watch, I think I'll try the High Gear Axis again. (I don't actually see any reason to replace the Timex, yet though.) I've read that my issues with the 2 High Gear watches I previously owned have been resolved in newer revisions. The Axis has a great interface with graphs, a unique method to attempt to compensate for altitude drift, and just showed more data on the screen at a time. The Timex watch shows you surprisingly little on any one screen. I like the a good console mode which shows me everything it can at once, so I don't need to switch around so much. The crown interface to the Timex makes switching through modes as easy as it could be, though.

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