Turn Off the Radio

As we approach 11 September, I'm noticing more and more stories on NPR about various anthologies, collections, etc regarding the towers, and it's bound to only increase as the days go.

Last week they talked about this photograph of a guy plummeting to his death and how disturbing it is for people to be confronted with the thought of deciding the way one is to inevitably die. This single picture evokes so much emotion, so it is just never shown anywhere after that day after the disaster.

This morning another story highlighted a new book or something which is full of transcripts of phone calls in and out of the buildings as people tried to figure out what was going on and what to do. One guy called home to tell his kid he was alright and to encourage her to do homework. Some people discussed who would pick up or take care of their kids.

I'm not about to accuse NPR of being sensationalist or anything like other big media, but I'm one of the fearful and disturbed, so maybe it's time for me to turn off the radio, shut the world out, and just listen to some music for a couple weeks.

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