UML and J2SDK 5.0

I had problems starting a JBoss instance (3.2.6 or 4.0.0) running J2SDK 5.0 on user-mode-linux 2.4.26-2um at my VPS host. A java thread would just end up spinning at 99% CPU and JBoss would otherwise never complete its startup.

I've managed to get it to run by specifying the -Xint option to the JVM to make it run in interpreted mode only. This sounds like it should be slower, but it doesn't feel noticeably slower yet. Of course, I haven't run much of anything but the JMX console on this instance.

I'm going to continue to follow te user-mode-linux-user mailing list, since it seems that issues like mine have cropped up in the past and have been solved by UML patches or by library changes. For reference, I'm running Debian Sid on the VPS, and it runs well otherwise.

In hopes of eventually pushing some code out to the VPS in the near future, I've had to resort to adding the target = "1.4" and source = "1.4" attributes to my ant javac to make sure I'm avoiding 5.0-isms. With luck, I'll now be able to use the J2SDK 5.0 features.

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