Virtual Colocation

Colo prices are expensive. Everytime I get nervous about keeping my website up on my "residential" connection, I wonder about colocation. Finally, I think I may have a reasonable option -- These guys look pretty interesting, much like us, extreme linux geeks trying to do cool things and not necessarily profiteering.

I could get a nice little virtual server, setup DNS there, and then I'll have my DNS completely under my control again for whatever whacky schemes I formulate. I figure I could even fit a nice apache and jboss instance out there. I could probably even put my mail out there. Then I'd have some bandwidth, and a stable location without the hacks to make it appear static.

That then leaves me wondering why I need my big huge dual athlon server. I'd hate to not have it, but I already work remotely to it almost all the time, so what's the big deal if I move everything to another server to use remotely?

It's tempting, but not entirely necessary at the moment, so I guess I'll wait. I think it'll make an excellent back up plan though should I run into any snags in my current arrangements. Who would be interested in sharing a virtual server with me? We could get a couple of them, cluster them, whatever. Who knows? We could be neighbors on the same hardware! :)

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