Watching for Linux WTK 2.5

I love the new software rat race for some reason, so I was all excited to see WTK 2.5 was released. It's only for WinXP at this point, though, so I'll be watching for the Linux one. I hope it won't be too long, since my Linux notebook is my only mobile development platform. I've been using WTK 2.2 for the longest time.

Update (13 April 2007): I see that Sun has an early access version of WTK 2.5.1 available for Linux.

Update (16 April 2007): Thank's to an explanation at man-di's weblog, I see that it's built against a newer version of GLIBC (2.4 I guess), so the emulator doesn't want to run on my Debian unstable box.

Fortunately, I just did an update of Debian and found that GLIBC 2.5 just hit the unstable tree. Awesome! I'm up and running now.

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