Weblogs Running on Tomcat

I have weblogs.hjsoft.com running out on a small (too small) virtual private server at Rimu Hosting. For a very long time, I've been trying to run the Blojsom instance within a slimmed JBoss 4.0.x server on Java 5. The site was running tolerably with a very light load, but a GoogleBot hit would easily overwhelm the whole server. The server only had 128M of real RAM, which Rimu doesn't even admit will run JBoss, and they have good reason.

I've been contemplating upgrading the server, but in interest of saving money, I dropped back to a stand-alone Tomcat instance instead. Initially, it seems to be behaving much better. Unfortunately, I'll still need to upgrade the server when it comes time to put real J2EE apps out there. Hopefully, I'll have some real paid hosting to subsidize the cost by the time I have to upgrade.

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