Yay JavaBlogs

I've finally gotten all the code in place to facilitate adding my weblog to java.blogs.

The rss4j library seems to be a bit funny at times, so I had to modify it a bit to get it to stop inserting an empty xmlns attribute on each element, doubling up the xmlns:rdf attribute in the root, or sticking Z into the date format instead of the proper +00:00 for the timezone. I expect it may be a bad interaction between j2sdk1.4's xml support and the library, which is showing its age a bit and may have been relying upon behaviors of an older xerces.

Can anyone recommend a better RSS lib for java? I guess I should go take a look at what roller uses, or just do my own.

Update (13 July 2004): A recent upgrade to JBoss 3.2.4 apparently brought a newer xml api implementation, and stock rss4j started behaving much more appropriately. Of course, it was broken for a week or so until I noticed that the behavior had changed. I'm still maintaining the +00:00 change, though.

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